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[2017] CANON | Her World, Her Canvas

[2014]  Ferris University | Department of Performing Arts (PROMO)

[2015] Artisan Piano Services (Promo)

[2015] QUALITA produced by H.I.S. (Promo)

[2016] Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. (Promo)

[2016] Internation Wifi Hotspot (Promo)


[2014] Ferris University | Department of Musical Arts (PROMO)

[2014] Evangelos Productions | The Apostles' Creed | Directed by Lauren Shearer Shot and Edited by Miwaza Jemimah Special thanks to Ruth

[2014] DaVinci International | Meet the Meister

[2014] Meet the Graduates | African Bible College

[2014] ABC Hearing Clinic and Training Centre | African Bible College

[2013] Cuoca | Valentine's Day Campaign

[2013] Kobe Offshore | Maternity Clinic (Saitama, Japan)

[2013] Betta | CarryMe! Promo + Instruction

[2012] Where Your Sushi Come From